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Handyman Services

Handyman services are a great way to earn extra income. They are versatile and can be offered to customers who need help with minor repairs or maintenance tasks, which are typically covered by electricians and plumbers.

You can work for a variety of businesses, from estate agents to schools and office buildings. Some handymen report directly to property managers or facilities management teams, while others work for service companies that have a nationwide network of workers who travel to different commercial and residential locations.

There is no minimum education required to become a handyman, although vocational schools and community colleges may offer technical training classes that can prepare you for a career in the handyman trade. Many handymen have prior professional experience, such as working for a contractor or a building inspector.

The average handyman charges around $100 per hour, but fees vary by area and time of year. The type of job you do will have an impact on the hourly rate, as well as any equipment that you need to complete the task.

Some handymen focus on specific tasks or specialize in a particular skill. For example, handymen who are experts at painting may charge more than those who only do interior repairs.

Installing drywall, or sheetrock, is another popular handyman service. Not only is drywall a good way to add insulation to a home, it also offers fire resistance and protection against moisture damage.

Other drywall-related tasks that can be completed by handymen include patching holes and cracks, replacing broken drywall, and installing new drywall. A handyman will also be able to install window frames, screens, and other window hardware.

A handyman can provide moving services as well, if you need help packing, loading, transporting, and unloading items. This can be especially helpful if you have to haul a large piece of furniture, like a dining room table, from one place to another.

You might also find yourself in the situation where you need to move a piece of art from one room to another. Fortunately, most handymen will have the tools and skills to get the job done quickly.

Hanging a picture is easy enough for a handyman, but it requires special screws, hardware, and other tools. Depending on the size and placement of the piece, it could take between a few minutes and an hour to hang it.

Similarly, installing flooring in your home can be a tricky task that you can hire a professional for. The tile installer will need to properly cut the tiles and lay them in a precise pattern to prevent waste and ensure the floor looks nice. If you have non-vitreous or water-absorbing tiles, you may need to seal them so they don’t absorb excess water.

Cleaning and repairing gutter drains is another common project that a handyman can do for a reasonable fee. They will be able to clean out leaves and debris from the gutters as well as replace and repair a damaged gutter system.

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