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What Are Audio Video Services?

Audio video services, or AV services, provide equipment and technical support for presentations, broadcasts, concerts, theater productions, teleconferencing, and other forms of electronic media. AV technology encompasses thousands of different pieces of hardware that are designed to capture, record, and transmit sound and images for display in any number of ways.

Using a variety of technologies and systems, AV service technicians install and maintain the equipment used to create these events. This includes everything from audio-visual projectors and screens to microphones, speakers, computer systems, amplification and more.

Some of the more common terms and acronyms in this field include ADA, CTS, HDBaseT, dvLED, Dante, AVIXA and APEX. These terms and acronyms are often tossed around during the planning stage of an AV installation project, so knowing what they mean can help you get started with your AV equipment.

ACCURACY – A/V Design & Installation: If you’re looking to set up an AV system in your office, home or commercial business, it’s important to make sure the technology is compatible with how you work. That means ensuring that all the devices you plan to use are capable of functioning reliably and preventing problems from developing before they happen.

You can prevent these issues from affecting your ability to work effectively by choosing a design and installation company that takes the time to perform an in-depth analysis of your current system and make recommendations for improvement. This will ensure that you’ll be able to use your AV equipment as efficiently as possible for years to come.

AI – Artificial Intelligence: Some AV integration firms offer a subscription-based service that monitors your AV system remotely to catch any issues before they start to affect productivity. This can help you avoid costly service calls and interruptions from your AV equipment, which can impact your bottom line.

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act: If you are building a new facility or renovating an existing one, it’s important to design your AV system so it is accessible to those with disabilities. This can be as simple as incorporating a voice activation feature or installing a switch that is a certain height above the ground so someone in a wheelchair can easily access it.

AR – Augmented Reality: If you are setting up a new conference room, classroom or other area that needs to be interactive, you may consider outfitting it with augmented reality technology. This uses a computer to overlay digital images or other content onto the environment to enhance the presentation, increase interaction and improve visual fidelity.

The AV design and installation professionals at AV Designers are experts in these technologies and can help you integrate them into your building, room or other spaces. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for an advising session!

If you are looking for an exciting and lucrative career in the entertainment industry, audio video production may be right for you. As an audio video production specialist, you can earn a good living by working for television, radio or podcast companies, as well as in other areas of the industry. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that those in this field typically take home salaries that are higher than those in other industries and can command far higher premiums for their skills.

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